Santa Rosa Online Academy is Santa Rosa County's ONLY full-time K-12 public virtual school!

Jeni Senter serves as our Elementary Guidance Counselor. 



Returning Elementary Students: Click HERE 

Returning Elementary Parents:

 You will need your current parent account username and password to continue with the enrollment process.

NEW Elementary Students: 

Creating an Elementary FLVS Account


If you have previously created an FLVS profile, STOP, do not create second one. 


Creating an Elementary FLVS Account


  • Click HERE and choose “New Student”  You should see Santa Rosa Online at the top left of the browser bar. 

  • Select the type of school your student attends:  Choose Public School

  • Select the county your student resides in:  Santa Rosa

  • Select the school your child attends

  • Select your student’s grade

  • Select preferred start date

  • As a FLEX public school student you choose one enrichment course

       As a Full Time Santa Rosa Online Student choose all that apply

  • Click on select course and how many segments you wish your child to take

  • Read the statements and hit “agree” if you understand the expectations of virtual education. 

  • Answer the two question survey

  • Verify the courses selected and click “Continue Registration” 

  • Complete Parent/Guardian/Student Details, then click “Save & Continue”

  • Verify the Parent/Student information and click “Confirm & Continue”

  • An email will be sent to you for your child’s Username, please use it to enter their courses. 



Because Santa Rosa Online Academy is a public school, all students are required to participate in standardized testing. Students who fail to participate in all standardized testing for their grade level will be withdrawn at the end of the school year and will not be permitted to enroll in Santa Rosa Online Academy the following school year. 


How to Prepare for Standardized Testing:
For the most updated testing information available, visit www.fsassessments.org.


Elementary Acceleration Option

Any current elementary school student who scored a level 4 or 5 on FSA ELA/Reading or FSA Math during the previous year’s FSA administration will have the opportunity to take accelerated courses in reading and mathematics through Florida Virtual School. Because these accelerated courses are a part of the middle school (Grade 6) curriculum in Florida Virtual School, the course content will be much more advanced than that of elementary school courses. Any student who successfully completes both segments of M/J Reading or M/J Mathematics 1 with a “B” or higher will be able to accelerate to the next course when he or she enters middle school.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility further, please contact please contact Jeni Senter, Elementary School Counselor, at (850) 981-7860, extension #108, no later than the beginning of the second week of the school year to see if accelerated courses are a viable option for your child.