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Welcome to Santa Rosa Online

Santa Rosa Online is an exciting opportunity for the students of the Santa Rosa County School District to move beyond the traditional school setting into the world of online learning. Serving Santa Rosa students in home education, public education, and private education, Santa Rosa Online offers online courses free of charge to Santa Rosa students through:

Santa Rosa Online, a franchise of Florida Virtual School

Fuel Education (formerly known as K12), 

and Connections Learning,

all fully accredited and established leaders in providing online learning opportunities throughout the world. Santa Rosa Online is located on the campus of Locklin Technical College, a Santa Rosa County school which provides technical and supplemental training and academic education to students.

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If you have a Kindergarten–12th grade student and wish to use the

K12 Fuel Education program, click HERE

If you are interested in enrolling as a Full-Time student with Santa Rosa Online, please call 850-981-7860 for more information. 


Santa Rosa Online Recognized by US News and World Report


Santa Rosa Online is an "A" school!

Congratulations to our students and teachers.

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