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Santa Rosa Online Academy

Welcome to Santa Rosa Online Academy!

Santa Rosa Online Academy is Santa Rosa County's first full-time online public school serving students in grades K-12.  Laura Austin serves as the principal of Santa Rosa Online Academy; Jolie Hullett serves as our assistant principal. Our team of guidance counselors include: Paula Drinkard (A-L) and Freda Carroll (M-Z) 


General Announcements for All Santa Rosa Online Academy Parents and Students:

Important Note: Students who choose to remain in Santa Rosa Online Academy past their 28-day grace period each semester are contractually obligated to finish all courses in which the student is enrolled during the semester and will be unable to transfer to a brick and mortar school until all courses in the current semester are completed.


Interested in Enrolling in our Full-Time Santa Rosa Online Academy?

Santa Rosa Online Academy is Santa Rosa County's ONLY full-time public virtual school option. 

Eligibility Requirements for Santa Rosa Online Academy:
Click here to learn about eligibility requirements.

Steps to Enroll in Santa Rosa Online Academy:
Step #1:  Call (850) 981-7860

Step #2:  Once you attend a Q&A session, complete and turn in all paperwork. 

Step #3:  Once we verify that all of your paperwork is complete, we will contact you to set up a face-to-face registration conference for you and your student to create a schedule.

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