High School Courses Offered through

Santa Rosa Online-Local Teacher Provided

Student Writing

High School English Core

English I, II, III, and IV (all 2 segments)

English IV College Prep (2 segments)

Math Class

High School Math Core

Algebra I (2 segments)

Algebra II (2 segments)

Geometry (2 segments)

Liberal Arts Math I (2 segments)

Math for College Readiness (2 segments)

Pre-Calculus (2 segments)

Experimenting in Lab

High School Science Core

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

(2 segments)

Anatomy & Physiology (2 segments)

Astronomy (2 segments)

Biology (2 segments)

Chemistry (2 segments)

Earth/Space Science (2 segments)

Marine Science (2 segments)

Physical Science (2 segments)

US government building

High School Social Studies Core

Advanced Placement Macroeconomics

(1 segment)

Advanced Placement US Government and Politics (1 segment)

Economics with Financial Literacy (1 segment)

US Government (1 segment)

US History (2 segments)

World History (2 segments)

Chalkboard with Different Languages

High School Foreign Language  

American Sign Language I and II

French I and II (both 2 segments)

German I and II

Japanese I and II (both 2 segments)

Click HERE for Japanese application

Latin I, II, and III (all 2 segments)

Spanish I, II, and III (all 2 segments)

Girl Running by the Sea

High School Electives

Advanced Placement Psychology (1 segment)

Art History and Criticism Honors (2 segments)

Art of World Cultures (2 segments)

Career Research and Decision Making

(1 segment)

Creative Photography (2 segments)

Critical Thinking and Study Skills (1 segment)

Digital Information Technology (2 segments)

Driver’s Education (1 segment)

Fitness Lifestyle Design (1 segment)

Forensic Science (2 segments)

Guitar I (2 segments)

Holocaust (1 segment)

Health Opportunities through Physical Education – HOPE (2 segments)

Intensive Reading (2 segments)

Journalism I (2 segments)

Law Studies (1 segment)

Leadership Skills Development (2 segments)

Life Management Skills (1 segment)

Music of the World (2 segments)

Outdoor Education (1 segment)

Parenting Skills (1 segment)

Peer Counseling I and II (each 1 segment)

Personal and Family Finance (including Dave Ramsey version) (1 segment)

Personal Fitness (1 segment)

Psychology I and II (each 1 segment)

Reading for College Success (1 segment)

Social Media (1 segment)

Sociology (1 segment)

Theatre, Cinema, Film Production (2 segments)